Monday, October 31, 2011

Blake Shelton - God Gave Me You (Official Video)

I’ve been a walking heartache
I’ve made a mess of me
The person that I’ve been lately
Ain’t who I wanna be

But you stay here right beside me
Watch as the storm goes through
And I need you

God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
For when I think I’ve lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true
God gave me you

There’s more here than what were seeing
A divine conspiracy
That you, an angel lovely
Could somehow fall for me
You’ll always be love’s great martyr
Ill be the flattered fool
And I need you

God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
For when I think I’ve lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true
God gave me you

On my own I’m only
Half of what I could be
I can’t do without you
We are stitched together
And what love has tethered
I pray we never undo

God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
For when I think I’ve lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true
God gave me you, gave me you
Gave me you

this one for you dear :)

azeri azaman

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saya sudah.anda bila lagi?

mesti buang

Sedar tak sedar. kita selalu bawak lambang yahudi ni g mana2. satu kemestian kepada kita untuk delete gambar ni.instruction :
 C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\MEDIA\CAGCAT10,
cari gambar bernombor J0285926
Anda akan jumpe gambar Lambang/bendera zionis Israel dan lilin lambang agama Judais lengkap (persis dengan warna aslinya) (sarana ibadah mereka).
HAPUSKAN ! Gambar tersebut ada disemua PC di seluruh dunia.

source: facebook (thanks to sape2 yang share benda neh)

Sape cakap pakai cmni menyerupai perempuan?? -,-

Dari Abdullah bin Umar radiallahu 'anhuma berkata:
Aku pernah melintas di hadapan Rasulullah dengan mengenakan pakaian labuh. Maka baginda bersabda: Wahai Abdullah! Naikkan/Tinggikan kainmu. Maka aku menaikkannya. Baginda bersabda lagi: Tambahkan (naikkan) lagi. Maka ak tambahkan lagi. Kemudian saya terus tidak meninggalkan cara berpakaian seperti itu selepas itu. Beberapa kaum yang bersama bertanya: Sampai ke paras mana? Baginda bersabda lagi: Pertengahan betis..

:: H. R. Muslim dalam Sahihnya. 3/1650. No. 2086 & Al-Baihaqi dalam Sunnan al-Kubra 2/43 ::

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

BBQ this upcoming Sunday!

jom join bbq ni :)

student life :)

sebijik tak cam korang? :D

but this one is not for Friday nite for sure :P

source: facebook

azreys azaman

Sun, Sea & Surf


 Oh, suddenly rasa cam nak try surfing :P its look fun kan? Surfing beach yang paling dekat mestila kat penang but it is only have extreme surfing if tak silap. Kitesurfing or windsurfing. Tak berani la aku nak try ahahaha so phuket la yang menjadi destinasi sebab beach kat sana wave dy small but fast. Suitable for beginner like me. Heheh so apa lagi cik syakiera? Nak ikot tak? :P I dekat je dengan Thailand ni hahaha

nak wat camnie gak nanti :P

azeri azaman

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Math and Science in Malay?

What the hell? I don’t know about the current language use for teaching Science and Math nowadays but I am pretty sure that it is already change or will been changed after reading the news today. I am not so sure about this thing but I am not agreed with this matters. For me, although it took awhile to understand why at first place my batch becoming the first batch using English in Math and Science but it is proven that it will benefit us in the future. Okay. Here's the example. During my study at Malacca Matriculation College, I can say that there are two type of student. First type is my batch who took one year study there and the others is the student who took two years to finish study there. I already forget the term used for them but some of the students that take two years study, they are coming from the batch before us which does not learn math and science in English. I find that they have difficulty in during their revision or lectures as the medium language there is English. Many books, journals or other source of information coming from that language and it will be difficult to translate the term use in science and math. There are some terms that can be translated as it has similarities in spelling maybe but there are also vice versa. As for our batch, it is not that hard as we already learn the term since last five years in secondary school. Can you see the benefit? If it is the matter of “I don’t know English well”, we can learn it dude. Besides, it makes no difference if we learn it in English or our mother tongue as long as we understand what’s been teaches. It took a whole life to learn English and it is better if you start it early. I am still week on grammar although I learn it since kid. So what’s the problem? Your hard work will paid you later in the future. It is not like I am not supporting Malay language but I believe that if something is good, why not we give it a shoot?

P/s: don’t be afraid of little challenge or pressure been put on you.

azeri azaman

Saturday routine -,-

If it does not for the sake of my certificates, like in hell I am going to ko-k class. To get there I’m even have to make scarifies. I don’t sleep for all night long okay. It’s not funny. This thing’s really a burden to me and I would say that I am not lucky enough today as the class was held for 4 hours. Tired and I have “panda eyes” on me. And you know what the worst thing is? Next week the class still run for 4 hours.0800 am to 1200 pm. It is for replace the classes on Deepavali and Raya Haji. I rather they do it twice a week than 4 hours at once.huh sometimes, it feels awkward when we are the only 3rd year student standing there but I thought it’s a “padan muka kau” and “sape suruh tak amek ko-k awal awal” scenes. -,- oh, I forget to mention, it was Sepak Takraw class that I attended. :) I suppose to love it as it one of my fav sport but I can’t stand to play under the sunlight. do you? It’s noon for god sake. Damn hot! So, who’s like to join me in hell? :P

azreys azaman

Sunday, October 9, 2011

baby, it's fact :)

Just in case their wondering
They've got us pinned terribly
They don't believe our love is real
Cause they don't know how real love feels
You should know it's true
Just now, the part about my love for you
And how my heart's about burst
Into a thousand pieces
Oh it must be true
And They'll believe us to soon
Baby, it's fact
That our love is true

The way black is black
And blue is just blue
My love is true
It's a matter of fact
Oh, and you love me too
It's as simple as that
Baby, our love is true

They may say some awful things
But there's no point in listening
Your words are the only words
That I believe in afterwards.
You should know it's true
Just now, the part about my love for you
And how my heart's about burst
Into a thousand pieces
Oh it must be true
And They'll believe us to soon
Baby, it's fact
That our love is true
The way black is black
And blue is just blue
My love is true
It's a matter of fact
Oh, and you love me too
It's as simple as that
Baby, our love is true

azeri azaman

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I miss you, Azeri Azaman

I made this specially for you
Maybe this can remind you of our memories 
I know I've been terrible to you lately
I am really sorry hubby :'(
I can't do much if you are still keeping the distance like this
After you read this baby
please pick up my calls, reply my message atleast
I'm begging you sayang
I really do. 

Saidatul Syakiera

Monday, September 26, 2011

When I'm with you

Saw you walk into the room
Thought I'd try to talk to you
Babe am I ever glad you wanted me to
It's been two years to the day
Half the time I've been away
I know I'm not there enough but that's gonna change
'cause I'm coming back
To show you that I'm keeping the promise I made

When I'm with you I'll make every second count
'cause I miss you
Whenever you're not around
When I kiss you
I'll still get butterflies years from now
I'll make every second count when I'm with you

Yeah we've had our ups and down
But we've always worked them out
Babe am I ever glad we've got this far now
Still I'm lying here tonight
Wishing I was by your side
'cause when I'm not there enough
Nothing feels right
So I'm coming back to show you that
I'll love you the rest of my life

When I'm with you
I'll make every second count
'cause I miss you
When ever you're not around
When I kiss you I'll still get butterflies years from now
I'll make every second count
When I'm with you
Whatever it takes I'm not gonna break the promise I made
When I'm with you
I'll make every second count
'cause I miss you

When I'm with you
I'll make every second count
'cause I miss you
Whenever you're not around
When I kiss you
I'll still get butterflies years from now
I'll make every second count
(Make every second count)
When I'm with you
When I'm with you
When I'm with you
When I'm with you

apa kata hati.

Monday, September 19, 2011

right decision or not?

Wuaa, sleepy! Nothin’ can be done as I am stuck here. It’s already night and my head keep thinkin’ of my soft, comfort bed at my home. It’s my mistake as I rather lepaking first than buy tickets. How in hell could I know that buses to Perlis last at 7.00pm! grr damn. There’s no problem if we want to go other places than Perlis. There’s always got late night buses.  Even busses to Alor Star last at 9.oopm. Although it’s still considered as early but 7.00om much much early! I miss the lectures again. I didn’t regret I miss it but I regret when I could not go to bed today! Zzzzz I want to sleep here but who will take care my things? I dunno whether my decision to stay here is a good choice or not. Argh, nothin’ to regret. Atleast here got Penang Free Wifi.hee :P Tomorrow I won’t miss the bus again. For sure!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

This one for you dear :)

Actually, the part when I got industrial training at kl was under my plan.haha  Although I know it will full of upcoming challenges but if I can see her everyday around me so what else matter.  We’ve created a lot of memories together. It’s countless.

A little love,
A little kiss,
A little hug,
A little kiss
Of all the little something this are memories

Almost every day I will meet her. Ever since she appointed me to be her driver, I didn’t miss a single day to be with her. Okay. I lied. 2 weeks before I back to Penang I didn’t pick her. Even it was raining; I will still pick her up. U knows why dear? My day is a mess if I didn’t see your smile. Not every day she’s smiling to me lah. There’s a day when both side in temper. Biasa lah tu, sedangkan suami isteri bley gaduh, ni kan pulak girlfren boyfren :P

You make me cry
You make me smile
Make me feel the love is true

She’s help me a lot when I am still terkontang-kanting there. She was there when I need any help. She even cooks for me.  I love her cooks. Delicious, marvellous. All of these words can’t be said in front of her as we know, manusia mudah riak. :P the point is her kindness makes me melt.

You always stand by my side

Time running fast as we’re busy doing things. My industrial training finished. Then I do a little business. 3 month feels like a day. I feel like I just come to kl yesterday. After this, there’s no more forehead kisses, holding hands, lunch and dinner together, pick her from job, laughing together and much more.

I don’t want to said good bye

But yet, my things finish here and I still got some commitments at Penang. I need to go back home. Our last date was awesome. We go here and there. Sayang, don’t show video we made at Starbuck okay? :P its will put my rating down :D

You make me feel the joy of love
Thank you for all the love you always give to me
Thanks sayang for everything you have done for me
I love you

azeri azaman

Saturday, September 17, 2011

she's mine :)

You always ask me whether u look pretty or not
As usual, I didn’t answer you
Truly, you’re beautiful, pretty, gorgeous
Whatever words use to describe an angel
Furthermore I choose you to be mine because of your look at the first place
That’s why I didn’t answer you.
 I found your heart is more beautiful
Full of gentleness, caring, respects, and much much more darling
How lovely you are
There’s no word to describe you
You are not an angel
You far better than that
You’re Saidatul Syakiera of mine
And I love you damn much

  azeri azaman

Friday, September 16, 2011

latihan industri di Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd :)

I got an email from Pn Tengku Suriani (my lecturer). She told me that I will be working at Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd and I am the only unimap student there. Me only?? Hell no! She advices me a little bit about time, behaviour and others. ( I dunno whether you all got the same advices :P )  that’s it. I have to go there whether I like it or not. Hmm, the manager required me to have a motorcycle at least as I have to meet client and do others thing outside the office. One more prob added officially.

It’s a bit scary when you think you have to go to a new place without any friend accompanies you. Plus, a motorbike is required. I can’t bring my ‘panther’. It still injured (broken is a mean word!)
My first day is a mess; I didn’t sleep all night long and straight away go to the office at upm. I changed my cloths at R&R. :P merempat jugak la that time. At 8.30am I arrived there and I have to wait until 9.00am as nobody come early to open the door (since I know that, I didn’t come early :P ) then 9.00am I enter the office and Kak Nisa  (the general manager there) interviewed me. She told me my scope of job then a little bit about the product and marketing things. My first job is to set up a pc and learns about their product. Oh , I forget about the kenal-kenal session. I had been introduced to their staffs. At first, shy shy cat la jugak but dorang memang best la! Am I right Fauzul, Dello, kak Nisa?? Haha that time, Aisyah, Kak Mus and Raja tak ada lagi. Tambah dorang, tambah best kerja kat situ. J

The company is a software developer company. Of course I didn’t do the software part. Company bley bankrupt if I do it. Haha I do the administration, marketing and human resource parts. Mula-mula tak reti la but oldies said, “jangan malu bertanya”. So when kak nisa deliver baby and leave me alone in the office, kak mus la mangsanya. Even kak mus tengah exam, I call many times. Hehe Sorry Kak Mus :P
Seriously, working there give great experience for me. Plus memory yang banyak tak terkira. Seronok kerja, seronok keluar dengan dorang sume. Seronok borak plus ada gossip-gosip sikit. Kak Mus la buat saya terjebak dalam arena gossip-gosip neh :D  Although a bit exhausted working there, but Pok Cik tak kesah kerja sampai malam. You know why? Sebab bley lepak-lepak dengan budak-budak neh. Hehe dello takdela, dy kaki balik awal :P

At last, I would like to thanks, Kak Nisa for giving me opportunity to work there. En Aziz sebab selalu belanja makan :P Uncle Jabbar selalu cerita pasal Iraq JZul, sebab selalu kata “ENTAHLAH” haha Aisyah, asyik gelak tiba-tiba (plus gelak tak tentu pasal :P) Kak Mus sanggup turun kl semata-mata nak belanja satay :) Dello, sebab sanggup melayan karenah fauzul and aku. :D Fauzul teman selepak,semakan, and banyak lagi “se” la! :D Actually banyak lagi dorang buat and banyak benda dorang tolong. Cuma tak terucap dengan kata-kata je.chewwahhh! :D  akhir kata,



Aidilfitri 2011

I think it’s too late to write about this but raya is for one month right. So no offense! :P for me, I celebrate raya only in the morning because I will sleep until night after that.haha as usual, after finished from raya pray, my family will gather to do the salam-salam and snap-snap session. Here’re the picca,

lepas sembahyang raya

salam-salam :)

mak pulak :)

turn azeira plak salam

family photo di pagi raya :)

mom n dad

siblings :)

Actually, I dunno what to said to them (parents) and I will repeat the same phase which is “Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin”. Kelakar kan? :P I dunno bout others, but I’ve been trained since child to said this only.  :D

After we finished salam-salam with each other, we will eat my mom special dish, rendang and kuah kacang. With ketupap of course. Then we will watch any raya movie on tv while waiting anybody visit us. Quite boring. I can only withstand until 2pm as I didn’t sleep last night. So I go to my room. Lock the door and sleep.haha Hari Raya Aidilfitri. This word doesn’t give much meaning to me. I don’t know why they really enjoy celebrating its. For me, it’s a day when we can eat ketupat with rendang haha peace! J

saidatul syakiera punye :)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

fuyoO! gila besa rambut!

Troy Aumua Polamalu (born Troy Aumua on April 19, 1981) is a U.S. professional American football strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. He was drafted in the first round (sixteenth overall) of the 2003 NFL Draft by the Steelers. He played college football at the University of Southern California.

PITTSBURG, Amerika Syarikat - Seorang pemain bola sepak Amerika, Troy Polamalu berusia 29 tahun mendedahkan rahsia rambut uniknya yang memiliki nilai insurans sebanyak AS$1 juta (RM3.02 juta), lapor sebuah akhbar semalam. Menurutnya, dia mula menyimpan rambut unik itu semasa di zaman pembelajarannya di kolej dan ia kini menjadi sebahagian daripada identitinya.Polamalu berkata, semasa musim sukan bola sepak, dia syampu rambutnya selang sehari."Namun, semasa musim sukan itu berakhir, saya hanya membasuh rambut saya sekali seminggu tetapi saya menggunakan perapi rambut pada setiap hari," katanya.
Menurutnya, dia mempunyai rambut yang lebih panjang daripada isterinya."Isteri saya tidak terlalu gembira dengan rambut ini," katanya. – Agensi

Haha,nasib baek dia ada bini.aku ingatkan tak ada sapa nak dah :P
Agak2 kolej nak saman berapa if rambut macam neh? :D
Ni facebook and twitter mamat ni. Tengok sendiri la :P!/tpolamalu

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

how incredibly childish.

haih.geram betul la.sape pnye kje ni pon tatau.asek2 nak hack dy. kesian la dy. ap pnye prangai dah.tak boleh tengok orang senang. sekarang sume dy susah nk buat. ko igt dy wat email,blog,fb sume tu nak bagi ko gne? sial btol la. dala ko hack email pon ko hack. ap kes? email tu dy nak guna wat kje la mangkok. ko igt dy mcm ko tade otak? ak taw ko sape siap lah. bodoh pnye orang.

Rich man game.

Maybe u’ve know that the betting between Tony Fernandez, head of AirAsia and Richard Branson, the head of Virgin flight. The deal is if one of their team which are Lotus team and Virgin team be in lower ranking than others in F1 2010, they will dress as stewardess and serve the customer for the other flight. For example if Lotus team, tony Fernandez must dress up in stewardess dress and serve the Virgin flight customer and vice versa. The winner of this deal is Tony Fernandez. Just imagine, one of the most famous men in the world, Richard Branson will dress up as stewardess. Haha this is what we called “expensive jokes”. It’s not easy to see a man like him do things like this. Even a common people don’t have courage to do that. Malu beb!

p/s: kita orang ada-ada, dorang orang sebarangan :)

azreys azaman

kisah si kecil ayuni :)

Pemalas stage.
At first she’s a baby that only know to sleep and hisap susu. Haih pemalas betul ni :P

Potong jambul stage
Still the same. Hisap susu, tido. But rambut dah hilang:P

Meniarap stage.

Lari-lari dalam kereta mainan stage

Merangkak stage
Fuh, time ni susah nak jage. She’s already can play hide and seek :P

Berdiri stage
Kaki dah kuat sebab asek main kereta mainan dia tu. Bersenam menguatkan tubuh badan. Terbukti berkesan! :D

Berlari-lari stage.
Ha, time ni paling susah. Dia dah terer escape bila orang nak tangkap dia. Terus lari kat mak. Adehh susah nak kiss dah ni :P

Bergaya stage

Berpancaran stage
Baby sekarang pon dah ada boyfriend. Adoyay

Berkata-kata stage

Ni belum sampai lagi. Macam mana la dah boleh bercinta dulu before boleh bercakap. Betul kata orang tua-tua dulu, dari mata turun ke hati. Tak payah cakap-cakap. Tengok mata je. Haha :D

p/s:sorry ye ayuni :P

azreys azaman

selamat menyambut minggu belajar

Final exam fever!! My examination time table dah keluar.! Tengok tengok! (excited ni)
- Managing 18hb
- Nego 22hn
- IR 23hb
- Tekno 25hb
- Economy 27hb
- Manufac 30hb

Okay. No time to play-play dah. Tinggal berapa hari je lagi ni. Wish me luck ya! :)

i'm freaking bored

Bored, bored, bored! My lepak-lepak frens’ve went back to kl. Since i arrived at penang, there’re no day i feel bored as much as this. There’s nothing to do. Actually i need to go back to perlis. Study week ma. Hehe Monday suda exam. Xreti-reti nak balik ke azeri? :P all is well, all is well. There’s is no point to study early. Nanti lupa jugak :P oh, last nite was awesome. We went to karok and lepak-lepak. Fuh, one of my friend, actually an “abang”, sang 15 songs! Wah wah. Kuat lagi even da tua :D haha we cannot lose to someone that old, so every one of us sang 8 to 9 song each. Haha lama gila. Suara pon da nak habis. So we decided to cut any songs that came out twice. But price same je as before. haha wasting betul. After karok-karok till exhausted, lepak pulak mamak stall. Fantasi. They just want to make fun of me actually. Last time i working there as waiter. So they peril-perli la. “roti one bang!” (in mamak slang) haha i didn’t ake note because they just want to make joke. Plus, tomorrow morning they will leave penang. So we eat and eat, drink and drink, watch soccer and went back to balik pulau. Eh, malam masih muda ni ( around 4.30am), snooker pulak? All agreed. So snooker pulak. Pool, i won one and draw one. Snooker, at the starting i got quite excited. 2 reds, 2 black. Haha many points kan? But dorang dengki gila kot. Asek snook je kena pastu. So last-last, after komplot with aswad, i got second place. Kahkah padan muka yap! :D tak pernah kalah snooker ye? :P around 7.oo am, we finish up our game and went back to send my bro, azrul to school. Then buy nasi lemak and paper for my father. Lastly pick up yap at his house and aswad at cc. Send ‘em to bus station and went back home. Sleepppp. Now, im bored to death. Tomorrow i must went back to perlis for sure or my parents will kill me. Haha Study week, study week! Time to struggle! Semangat, semangat! :D “Selamat menyambut minggu study week! “ :)

Azreys azaman

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

cerita seram di Wang Burma

geng wang burma :)

There’s one story i really want to write about a long time ago (not so long actually :P) . on 6th of march i went for camping at  Wang Burma which situated at Wang Kelian, Perlis. It’s really enjoying at the beginning but at the last day of the camping there’s trouble waiting for me. I may call it disaster because my life is almost be threatening by it. (so lebih-lebih la kau! :P) cecite-cecite! Macam ni, kami hiking la gunung tu kan. Then on the way nak sampai puncak, a swarm of bee maen tembak-tembak plak. Adehhh! People at the back dah lari ke depan. I don’t know whether the bee is a common kind of bee but the guide that follow us told me, it was “penyengat”. Sekor je yang sengat pon. At the beginning, i just feel lenguh-lenguh tangan then after a few minutes, it became worse. Gatal-gatal jangan

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Unimap oh-iyeeE?

oh my oh my!after having a stroll on husniah blog, I came across an interesting note! Unimap can even place into sixth?haha lawak-lawak! :P but its also okay la kan? haha remind me a lot of great universities, great, but still under ours. the top five universities,we really can't say anything la kan. confirm confirm dah power. so now I can be a little bit proud by this tiny, no campus Unimap :)

 world ranking    university                              malaysia's rank

629 Universiti Sains Malaysia         1

694 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia         2

731 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia         3

771 Universiti Putra Malaysia         4

788 University of Malaya         5

995 Universiti Malaysia Perlis         6