Thursday, September 30, 2010

saidatul syakiera ;)

            tengs dear!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

surprise !! :)

Sayang, sorry cz I tak bgtau u yang I buatkan blog ni untuk u. I just nak buat surprise tapi tak tau lah u surprise ke tak. :P yang pasti, I nervous sangat sangat sekarang ni. hope u like it ! :)

by the way, entry yang I dah post ni main main ja. if u nak delete, I tak kesah. :) the rest macam gambar gambar kat tepi tu pun if u nak edit, edit lah. nanti I bagi password and everything okayy? 

afta this, if free, rajin rajin update blog ye? I'm your first follower ok! hee. :)

till then. hugs&&kisses. ;)

Vanilla Twillight

The stars lean down to kiss you
And I lie awake and miss you
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

'Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly
But I'll miss your arms around me
I'd send a postcard to you, dear
'Cause I wish you were here

I'll watch the night turn light-blue
But it's not the same without you
Because it takes two to whisper quietly

The silence isn't so bad
'Til I look at my hands and feel sad
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly

I'll find repose in new ways
Though I haven't slept in two days
'Cause cold nostalgia
Chills me to the bone

But drenched in vanilla twilight
I'll sit on the front porch all night
Waist-deep in thought because
When I think of you I don't feel so alone

I don't feel so alone, I don't feel so alone

As many times as I blink
I'll think of you tonight
I'll think of you tonight

When violet eyes get brighter
And heavy wings grow lighter
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again

And I'll forget the world that I knew
But I swear I won't forget you
Oh, if my voice could reach
Back through the past
I'd whisper in your ear
Oh darling, I wish you were here

first and foremost