Sunday, September 18, 2011

This one for you dear :)

Actually, the part when I got industrial training at kl was under my plan.haha  Although I know it will full of upcoming challenges but if I can see her everyday around me so what else matter.  We’ve created a lot of memories together. It’s countless.

A little love,
A little kiss,
A little hug,
A little kiss
Of all the little something this are memories

Almost every day I will meet her. Ever since she appointed me to be her driver, I didn’t miss a single day to be with her. Okay. I lied. 2 weeks before I back to Penang I didn’t pick her. Even it was raining; I will still pick her up. U knows why dear? My day is a mess if I didn’t see your smile. Not every day she’s smiling to me lah. There’s a day when both side in temper. Biasa lah tu, sedangkan suami isteri bley gaduh, ni kan pulak girlfren boyfren :P

You make me cry
You make me smile
Make me feel the love is true

She’s help me a lot when I am still terkontang-kanting there. She was there when I need any help. She even cooks for me.  I love her cooks. Delicious, marvellous. All of these words can’t be said in front of her as we know, manusia mudah riak. :P the point is her kindness makes me melt.

You always stand by my side

Time running fast as we’re busy doing things. My industrial training finished. Then I do a little business. 3 month feels like a day. I feel like I just come to kl yesterday. After this, there’s no more forehead kisses, holding hands, lunch and dinner together, pick her from job, laughing together and much more.

I don’t want to said good bye

But yet, my things finish here and I still got some commitments at Penang. I need to go back home. Our last date was awesome. We go here and there. Sayang, don’t show video we made at Starbuck okay? :P its will put my rating down :D

You make me feel the joy of love
Thank you for all the love you always give to me
Thanks sayang for everything you have done for me
I love you

azeri azaman

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