Monday, September 19, 2011

right decision or not?

Wuaa, sleepy! Nothin’ can be done as I am stuck here. It’s already night and my head keep thinkin’ of my soft, comfort bed at my home. It’s my mistake as I rather lepaking first than buy tickets. How in hell could I know that buses to Perlis last at 7.00pm! grr damn. There’s no problem if we want to go other places than Perlis. There’s always got late night buses.  Even busses to Alor Star last at 9.oopm. Although it’s still considered as early but 7.00om much much early! I miss the lectures again. I didn’t regret I miss it but I regret when I could not go to bed today! Zzzzz I want to sleep here but who will take care my things? I dunno whether my decision to stay here is a good choice or not. Argh, nothin’ to regret. Atleast here got Penang Free Wifi.hee :P Tomorrow I won’t miss the bus again. For sure!

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