Friday, September 16, 2011

latihan industri di Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd :)

I got an email from Pn Tengku Suriani (my lecturer). She told me that I will be working at Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd and I am the only unimap student there. Me only?? Hell no! She advices me a little bit about time, behaviour and others. ( I dunno whether you all got the same advices :P )  that’s it. I have to go there whether I like it or not. Hmm, the manager required me to have a motorcycle at least as I have to meet client and do others thing outside the office. One more prob added officially.

It’s a bit scary when you think you have to go to a new place without any friend accompanies you. Plus, a motorbike is required. I can’t bring my ‘panther’. It still injured (broken is a mean word!)
My first day is a mess; I didn’t sleep all night long and straight away go to the office at upm. I changed my cloths at R&R. :P merempat jugak la that time. At 8.30am I arrived there and I have to wait until 9.00am as nobody come early to open the door (since I know that, I didn’t come early :P ) then 9.00am I enter the office and Kak Nisa  (the general manager there) interviewed me. She told me my scope of job then a little bit about the product and marketing things. My first job is to set up a pc and learns about their product. Oh , I forget about the kenal-kenal session. I had been introduced to their staffs. At first, shy shy cat la jugak but dorang memang best la! Am I right Fauzul, Dello, kak Nisa?? Haha that time, Aisyah, Kak Mus and Raja tak ada lagi. Tambah dorang, tambah best kerja kat situ. J

The company is a software developer company. Of course I didn’t do the software part. Company bley bankrupt if I do it. Haha I do the administration, marketing and human resource parts. Mula-mula tak reti la but oldies said, “jangan malu bertanya”. So when kak nisa deliver baby and leave me alone in the office, kak mus la mangsanya. Even kak mus tengah exam, I call many times. Hehe Sorry Kak Mus :P
Seriously, working there give great experience for me. Plus memory yang banyak tak terkira. Seronok kerja, seronok keluar dengan dorang sume. Seronok borak plus ada gossip-gosip sikit. Kak Mus la buat saya terjebak dalam arena gossip-gosip neh :D  Although a bit exhausted working there, but Pok Cik tak kesah kerja sampai malam. You know why? Sebab bley lepak-lepak dengan budak-budak neh. Hehe dello takdela, dy kaki balik awal :P

At last, I would like to thanks, Kak Nisa for giving me opportunity to work there. En Aziz sebab selalu belanja makan :P Uncle Jabbar selalu cerita pasal Iraq JZul, sebab selalu kata “ENTAHLAH” haha Aisyah, asyik gelak tiba-tiba (plus gelak tak tentu pasal :P) Kak Mus sanggup turun kl semata-mata nak belanja satay :) Dello, sebab sanggup melayan karenah fauzul and aku. :D Fauzul teman selepak,semakan, and banyak lagi “se” la! :D Actually banyak lagi dorang buat and banyak benda dorang tolong. Cuma tak terucap dengan kata-kata je.chewwahhh! :D  akhir kata,