Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i'm freaking bored

Bored, bored, bored! My lepak-lepak frens’ve went back to kl. Since i arrived at penang, there’re no day i feel bored as much as this. There’s nothing to do. Actually i need to go back to perlis. Study week ma. Hehe Monday suda exam. Xreti-reti nak balik ke azeri? :P all is well, all is well. There’s is no point to study early. Nanti lupa jugak :P oh, last nite was awesome. We went to karok and lepak-lepak. Fuh, one of my friend, actually an “abang”, sang 15 songs! Wah wah. Kuat lagi even da tua :D haha we cannot lose to someone that old, so every one of us sang 8 to 9 song each. Haha lama gila. Suara pon da nak habis. So we decided to cut any songs that came out twice. But price same je as before. haha wasting betul. After karok-karok till exhausted, lepak pulak mamak stall. Fantasi. They just want to make fun of me actually. Last time i working there as waiter. So they peril-perli la. “roti one bang!” (in mamak slang) haha i didn’t ake note because they just want to make joke. Plus, tomorrow morning they will leave penang. So we eat and eat, drink and drink, watch soccer and went back to balik pulau. Eh, malam masih muda ni ( around 4.30am), snooker pulak? All agreed. So snooker pulak. Pool, i won one and draw one. Snooker, at the starting i got quite excited. 2 reds, 2 black. Haha many points kan? But dorang dengki gila kot. Asek snook je kena pastu. So last-last, after komplot with aswad, i got second place. Kahkah padan muka yap! :D tak pernah kalah snooker ye? :P around 7.oo am, we finish up our game and went back to send my bro, azrul to school. Then buy nasi lemak and paper for my father. Lastly pick up yap at his house and aswad at cc. Send ‘em to bus station and went back home. Sleepppp. Now, im bored to death. Tomorrow i must went back to perlis for sure or my parents will kill me. Haha Study week, study week! Time to struggle! Semangat, semangat! :D “Selamat menyambut minggu study week! “ :)

Azreys azaman

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