Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rich man game.

Maybe u’ve know that the betting between Tony Fernandez, head of AirAsia and Richard Branson, the head of Virgin flight. The deal is if one of their team which are Lotus team and Virgin team be in lower ranking than others in F1 2010, they will dress as stewardess and serve the customer for the other flight. For example if Lotus team, tony Fernandez must dress up in stewardess dress and serve the Virgin flight customer and vice versa. The winner of this deal is Tony Fernandez. Just imagine, one of the most famous men in the world, Richard Branson will dress up as stewardess. Haha this is what we called “expensive jokes”. It’s not easy to see a man like him do things like this. Even a common people don’t have courage to do that. Malu beb!

p/s: kita orang ada-ada, dorang orang sebarangan :)

azreys azaman

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