Saturday, October 15, 2011

Math and Science in Malay?

What the hell? I don’t know about the current language use for teaching Science and Math nowadays but I am pretty sure that it is already change or will been changed after reading the news today. I am not so sure about this thing but I am not agreed with this matters. For me, although it took awhile to understand why at first place my batch becoming the first batch using English in Math and Science but it is proven that it will benefit us in the future. Okay. Here's the example. During my study at Malacca Matriculation College, I can say that there are two type of student. First type is my batch who took one year study there and the others is the student who took two years to finish study there. I already forget the term used for them but some of the students that take two years study, they are coming from the batch before us which does not learn math and science in English. I find that they have difficulty in during their revision or lectures as the medium language there is English. Many books, journals or other source of information coming from that language and it will be difficult to translate the term use in science and math. There are some terms that can be translated as it has similarities in spelling maybe but there are also vice versa. As for our batch, it is not that hard as we already learn the term since last five years in secondary school. Can you see the benefit? If it is the matter of “I don’t know English well”, we can learn it dude. Besides, it makes no difference if we learn it in English or our mother tongue as long as we understand what’s been teaches. It took a whole life to learn English and it is better if you start it early. I am still week on grammar although I learn it since kid. So what’s the problem? Your hard work will paid you later in the future. It is not like I am not supporting Malay language but I believe that if something is good, why not we give it a shoot?

P/s: don’t be afraid of little challenge or pressure been put on you.

azeri azaman

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