Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday routine -,-

If it does not for the sake of my certificates, like in hell I am going to ko-k class. To get there I’m even have to make scarifies. I don’t sleep for all night long okay. It’s not funny. This thing’s really a burden to me and I would say that I am not lucky enough today as the class was held for 4 hours. Tired and I have “panda eyes” on me. And you know what the worst thing is? Next week the class still run for 4 hours.0800 am to 1200 pm. It is for replace the classes on Deepavali and Raya Haji. I rather they do it twice a week than 4 hours at once.huh sometimes, it feels awkward when we are the only 3rd year student standing there but I thought it’s a “padan muka kau” and “sape suruh tak amek ko-k awal awal” scenes. -,- oh, I forget to mention, it was Sepak Takraw class that I attended. :) I suppose to love it as it one of my fav sport but I can’t stand to play under the sunlight. do you? It’s noon for god sake. Damn hot! So, who’s like to join me in hell? :P

azreys azaman

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